LaraSkrill is a laravel plugin for processing payments through Skrill.

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By using this plugin you can process or refund payments from Skrill in your Laravel application. You may read this article and can see the output of this package. Article link: Laravel Skrill Payment Gateway Integration with LaraSkrill


  • Use the following command to install:
composer require obydul/laraskrill
  • Laravel 5.5 uses package auto-discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the ServiceProvider. If you don't use auto-discovery, add the service provider to your $providers array in config/app.php file like:
  • Run the following command to publish configuration:
php artisan vendor:publish
  • Then choose 'Obydul\LaraSkrill\LaraSkrillServiceProvider':


Installation completed.


  • After installation, you will need to configure laraskrill. Following is the code you will find in config/laraskrill.php, which you should update accordingly.
return [
    'merchant_email' => 'demoqco@sun-fish.com',
    'api_password' => 'MD5 API/MQI password', // required for refund option only.
    'return_url' => 'RETURN URL',
    'cancel_url' => 'CANCEL URL',
    'status_url' => 'IPN URL or Email', // url or email
    'status_url2' => 'IPN URL or Email', // url or email (you can keep this blank)
    'refund_status_url' => 'IPN URL or Email', // url or email (only for refund, you can keep this blank)
    'logo_url' => 'WEBSITE LOGO',
  • Now clear config cache: php artisan config:cache. You can also clear cache: php artisan cache:clear.
  • Still if there is a problem in your Laravel project, the config config/laraskrill.php may not work. At this situation you can try by entering API Credentials at YourProject/vendor/obydul/laraskrill/config/config.php.

API/MQI password

In your Skrill account, go to Settings > Developer Settings > Change MQI/API password.

API/MQI password


Following are some ways through which you can access the LaraSkrill provider:

// Import the class namespaces first, before using it directly
use Obydul\LaraSkrill\SkrillClient;
use Obydul\LaraSkrill\SkrillRequest;

// Create object instance
$request = new SkrillRequest();
$client = new SkrillClient($request);

// Methods
$sid = $client->generateSID();
$refund_prepare_response = $client->prepareRefund();
$do_refund = $client->doRefund();

Make a Payment

// Create object instance of SkrillRequest
$request = new SkrillRequest();
$request->transaction_id      = 'MNPSK09789'; // generate transaction id
$request->amount              = '15.26';
$request->currency            = 'EUR';
$request->language            = 'EN';
$request->prepare_only        = '1';
$request->merchant_fields     = 'site_name, customer_email';
$request->site_name           = 'Your Website';
$request->customer_email      = 'customer@example.com';
$request->detail1_description = 'Product ID:';
$request->detail1_text        = '10001';

// Create object instance of SkrillClient
$client = new SkrillClient($request);
$sid = $client->generateSID(); //return SESSION ID

// handle error
$jsonSID = json_decode($sid);
if ($jsonSID != null && $jsonSID->code == "BAD_REQUEST")
    return $jsonSID->message;

// do the payment
$redirectUrl = $client->paymentRedirectUrl($sid); //return redirect url
return Redirect::to($redirectUrl); // redirect user to Skrill payment page


// Create object instance of SkrillRequest
$prepare_refund_request = new SkrillRequest();
$prepare_refund_request->transaction_id    = 'MNPSK09789';
$prepare_refund_request->amount            = '5.56';
$prepare_refund_request->refund_note       = 'Product no longer in stock';
$prepare_refund_request->merchant_fields   = 'site_name, customer_email';
$prepare_refund_request->site_name         = 'Your Website';
$prepare_refund_request->customer_email    = 'customer@example.com';

// do prepare refund request
$client_prepare_refund = new SkrillClient($prepare_refund_request);
$refund_prepare_response = $client_prepare_refund->prepareRefund(); // return sid or error code

// refund requests
$refund_request = new SkrillRequest();
$refund_request->sid = $refund_prepare_response;

// do refund
$client_refund = new SkrillClient($refund_request);
$do_refund = $client_refund->doRefund();
var_dump($do_refund); // display response


Table 1: LaraSkrill Config Parameters

Field Description Example
merchant_email Email address of your Skrill merchant account. demoqco@sun-fish.com
api_password Your MD5 API/MQI password. 60cede4a5aee9a3827f212ba45f88c61
return_url URL to which the customer is returned if the payment is successful. http://example.com/payment_completed.html
cancel_url URL to which the customer is returned if the payment is cancelled or fails. If no cancel URL is provided the Cancel button is not displayed. http://example.com/payment_cancelled.html
status_url, refund_status_url URL to which the transaction details are posted after the payment process is complete. Alternatively, you may specify an email address where the results are sent. If the status_url is omitted, no transaction details are sent http://example.com/process_payment.php or mailto:info@example.com
logo_url The URL of the logo which you would like to appear in the top right of the Skrill page. The logo must be accessible via HTTPS or it will not be shown. https://www.example.com/logo.jpg (max length: 240)

Checkout Parameters

There are many parameters of Skrill checkout. Please take a look at the page 13. Skrill Quick Checkout Integration Guide - v7.9

Note: 'pay_to_email', 'return_url', 'cancel_url', 'status_url' and 'logo_url' are already included in the config file. You can add other fields at checkout without these fields.

Table 2: Refund Parameters

Field Description Required Example
transaction_id Your transaction ID to be refunded. Yes MNPSK09789
amount Amount to refund in the currency used by the merchant account. This field is only used for partial refunds. No 5.56
refund_note Refund note sent to the customer. This note forms part of the email sent to the customer to inform them that they have received a refund. If no ‘amount’ value is submitted, the refund will be for the full amount of the original transaction. No Product no longer in stock
merchant_fields A comma-separated list of field names that are passed back to your server when the refund payment is confirmed (maximum 5 fields). No Field1,Field2
Field1 An additional field you can include, containing your own unique parameters. No Value1
Field2 An additional field you can include, containing your own unique parameters. No Value2

More parameters: You can add more fields. Please take a look at the page 24. Skrill Automated Payments Interface (API) Guide - v2.8

Note: 'action', 'email', 'password', 'status_url' are already included. You can add other fields at refund without these fields.

Skrill IPN (status_url): If you want to get data from 'status_url' instead of receiving email, then use this code to your ipn listener: Skrill IPN by Md. Obydullah



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


Note: I've taken the main concept from skrill-quick and thank you, Mikica Ivosevic.

In case of any issues, kindly create one on the Issues section.

Thank you for installing LaraSkrill.