This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the https://getkirby.com/docs/reference/panel/fields/textarea package instead.

JSON editor and field for Kirby.

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Kirby JSON field and JSON editor Vue component.

JSON editor component

⚠ Deprecated!

If your user has to manually edit JSON, you're probably doing something wrong. Even if they have to deal with JSON, it would probably be much better to give them a text field, where they could just write it like anyone else would, rather than providing a GUI. Thus, it makes no sense to have a JSON field.


With Composer:

composer require oblik/kirby-json



In the blueprint:

    type: json

Available blueprint options for the editor:

array: false  # Saved value should be an array?
keys: false   # Edit object keys?
values: true  # Edit values?
mutate: false # Add/remove entries?
sort: true    # Allow entry reordering?

In the template, use the native Kirby toData() method:

$data = $page->myData()->toData('json');


If you're building a plugin and you need to allow the user to edit JSON, you can use the same component that the above JSON field uses, k-json-editor, in your own panel plugin:


The options you can pass to the component:

  "isKeysEditable": true,
  "isValuesEditable": true,
  "isMutatable": true,
  "isSortable": true