Tool to generate Objective-php's markdown documentation

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We always wanted to make our framework Objective PHP serviceable for every person who get interested getting an use of it. We tried to write documentation in many ways but we choose to write a tool to generate a custom markdown documentation for every components.


Docu-mentor is a CLI tool for the documentation generation for packages.



The easiest way to install the library and get ready to play with it is by using Composer. Run the following command :

composer require objective-php/docu-mentor 

The command will be accessible in ./vendor/bin

Configuration directive documentation guides

For :

How to use


php docu [OPTIONS]    

    -i, --init      Generate the docs/.md files 
    -c, --configs   Update the config-directive doc file
    -v, --verbose   Shows the errors
    -vv, -vvv       Shows the errors more expressly
    -f, --force     Overwrite the docs
    -h,-u, --help,--usage   
                    Show this message
                    Specify a custom path for the configs   
                    Specify a custom path for output directory
                    Specify a custom path for composer.json   


Init the whole documentation:

    php docu -ic

Rewrite the config doc:

    php docu -c -v

Rewrite and debug your config:

    php docu -c -vvv

Reset the docs:

    php docu -i --force 

Custom pathes:

    php docu -ic --config-dir=./docs/ --docs-dir=./Config  

The whole documentation

Full documentation can be found at objective-php.org