Provides the frontend user login mode functionality for TYPO3

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1.0.1 2023-04-05 11:20 UTC

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The "frontend user login mode" functionality has been introduced to TYPO3 by Kasper back in 2004 to overcome caching issues on typo3.org and is rather an edge-case feature. Therefore, it is no longer part of the TYPO3 Core from v12.0+ onwards, but available as an extension, which solves the problem via modern techniques (using PSR-15 middlewares).

So what does it do?

The extension adds a new TCA field fe_login_mode to the pages table.

Using this field one can define branches, which should behave like if a user or user group is not logged in, even though the cookie - and the session - is kept for other areas of a website. This is useful when trying to reduce the amount of possible cache variants, especially in installations with complex user and user group setups.

As previously available in the Core, the TypoScript option config.sendCacheHeaders_onlyWhenLoginDeniedInBranch can be used to further restrict the transmission of cache headers.


In case you update a TYPO3 installation from v11 to v12, you can use the corresponding "Upgrade Wizard" in the TYPO3 install tool to fetch and install the extension.

Otherwise, install the extension either via composer composer req o-ba/fe-login-mode or download the extension from the TYPO3 Extension Repository and activate it in the Extension Manager of your TYPO3 installation.


The extension is licensed under GPL v2+, same as the TYPO3 Core. For details see the LICENSE file in this repository.

Open Issues

If you find an issue, feel free to report it on GitHub. You can also directly create a pull request.


This extension was created by Oliver Bartsch in 2022. The original credits go to the TYPO3 development team and the contributors, who have maintained this code for over 18 years until it was removed from Core.