A general purpose geo library.

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A general purpose geo library for PHP.

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This package uses composer so you can just add nubs/coordinator as a dependency to your composer.json file or execute the following command:

composer require nubs/coordinator



A coordinate is a latitude/longitude pair. They are created using radians, although the CoordinateFactory and various CoordinateSystem's discussed below can help create them as well.

Creating a coordinate

Using the constructor, you can create a coordinate using radians.

use Nubs\Coordinator\Coordinate;

$coordinate = new Coordinate($latitudeInRadians, $longitudeInRadians);
Using the Coordinate Factory

Using the CoordinateFactory, you can create coordinates in a similar way.

use Nubs\Coordinator\CoordinateFactory;

$coordinateFactory = new CoordinateFactory();
$coordinate = $coordinateFactory->createFromRadians(

The CoordinateFactory, however, can also create coordinates from latitude and longitude specified in degrees.

use Nubs\Coordinator\CoordinateFactory;

$coordinateFactory = new CoordinateFactory();
$coordinate = $coordinateFactory->createFromDegrees(

Accessing Coordinate Data

The latitude and longitude in radians can be pulled back out of the Coordinate.

echo "Latitude: {$coordinate->latitudeInRadians()}\n";
echo "Longitude: {$coordinate->longitudeInRadians()}\n";

The latitude and longitude can also be pulled back out in degrees.

echo "Latitude: {$coordinate->latitudeInDegrees()}\n";
echo "Longitude: {$coordinate->longitudeInDegrees()}\n";

A __toString() helper also exists that returns the coordinate in degrees.

echo (string)$coordinate;

Coordinate Systems

Coordinate systems help convert coordinates from other systems/projections into standard latitude/longitude. Currently the Mercator projection is defined.

Coordinate systems operate on a given Spheroid, and there is an Earth spheroid defined.

Converting Coordinates

A coordinate in a coordinate system can be converted to degrees/radians.

use Nubs\Coordinator\CoordinateFactory;
use Nubs\Coordinator\CoordinateSystem\Mercator;
use Nubs\Coordinator\Spheroid\Earth;

$mercator = new Mercator(new Earth(), new CoordinateFactory());
$coordinate = $mercator->loadCoordinate($xCoordinate, $yCoordinate);
echo (string)$coordinate;


Coordinator is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for the full license text.