REST api module for Silverstripe

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This module models the REST api in a simple fashion.

All routes for the different resources should resolved by a controller which extends the BaseRestController.

After that, you can add your routes into your YAML config file.


  • Queries
  • Field list
  • Different serialisation formats
  • Pagination
  • Presenters


For the definition of your routes, use the Silverstripe config system. You can add nested routes before the base route of that endpoint. In this example we have v/1/sessions, v/1/users/<ID> and v/1/users/<ID>/friends.

    'v/1/users/$ID!/friends/$FriendID': 'FriendshipController'
    'v/1/users/$ID': 'UserController'
    'v/1/sessions/$ID': 'Ntb\RestAPI\SessionController'

GET Parameters

If you visit your api through a browser, the controller will render it as html as long as you not specify an accept GET param, eg. ?accept=json.

You can specify the access token with access_token. This can be used for accessing restricted resources with specific privileges.


For functional tests, you can extend the RestTest class and use it to test your application. We recommend to use fixtures for testing like it is explained in the Silverstripe documentation.

More Information

You can find more information in the wiki.