Store your language lines in the database, yaml or other sources

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This package is an adaptation of spatie/laravel-translation-loader

WARNING: this package is currently in development.

Features added

  • Translations namespace compatibility ;
  • Console commands to synchronise translations from files to DB;


  • PHP >= 8.0
  • Laravel Framework >= 7.0

NOTE: These instructions are for Laravel >= 7.0. If you are using prior version, please see the previous version's docs.


composer require novius/laravel-translation-loader:dev-master

In config/app.php (Laravel) or bootstrap/app.php (Lumen) you should replace Laravel's translation service provider


by the one included in this package:


You must publish and run the migrations to create the language_lines table:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Novius\TranslationLoader\TranslationServiceProvider" --tag="migrations"
php artisan migrate

Publish languages files:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Novius\TranslationLoader\TranslationServiceProvider" --tag="lang"

Optionally you could publish the config file using this command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Novius\TranslationLoader\TranslationServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Note: publishing assets doesn't work out of the box in Lumen. Instead you have to copy the files from the repo.


# Synchronise translations from files to DB
php artisan translations:sync

# Clear DB translations + re-import them
php artisan translations:reset


Run php-cs with:

composer run-script lint


Contributions are welcome! Leave an issue on Github, or create a Pull Request.


This package is under MIT Licence.