This packages helps you optimize pictures on-the-fly

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Optimize your pictures on-the-fly! 🛫


Laravel >= 8.0

NOTE: These instructions are for Laravel >= 8.0. If you are using prior version, please see the previous version's docs.


composer require novius/laravel-media-toolbox

Then, you must publish and run the migrations to create the language_lines table:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Novius\MediaToolbox\MediaToolboxServiceProvider" --tag="migrations"
php artisan migrate

Then add this to config/app.php:

// in 'aliases' => [ ... ]
'Medt' => Novius\MediaToolbox\Support\MediaToolbox::class,


In a view:

<!-- This will change the height proportionaly, in order to keep the aspect -->
<img src="{{ Medt::asset('images/hello.png')->width(150) }}">

<!-- It works as well with external pictures. Setting the ratio will force
     previously defined dimensions and change the remaining ones, here the height -->
<img src="{{ Medt::asset('')->width(500)->ratio(16/9) }}">

<!-- fit('cover') is the default behavior. You can just omit it -->
<img src="{{ Medt::asset($user->getPicture())->size(140, 200)->fit('cover') }}">
<img src="{{ Medt::asset($user->getPicture())->size([140, 200])->fit('stretch') }}">

<!-- This will output a jpg with 75% quality.
     Lower number makes smaller files. Minimum is 1, max is 100 -->
<img src="{{ Medt::asset('images/something.gif')->quality(75) }}">

SEO Friendly

You can specify a name for your filename (value will be converted to slug) :

Usage in a view:

<img src="{{ Medt::asset('images/hello.png')->quality(90)->name('my image') }}">


Publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Novius\MediaToolbox\MediaToolboxServiceProvider"

Edit config/mediatoolbox.php.

Clearing the cache manually

php artisan cache:clear

Purge expired medias

In your app/Console/Kernel.php file, you should register a daily job to purge expired medias :

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

By default, media is stale considered after 1 week. You can override this value in configuration file with `expire key.


Run php-cs with:

composer run-script lint


Contributions are welcome! Leave an issue on Github, or create a Pull Request.