This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Composer installer plugin for Rubedo core

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0.2.0 2016-05-20 11:31 UTC

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This Composer installer plugin lets syou install Rubedo Core as a project dependency with Composer.

How it works

The plugin will :

  • clone Rubedo repository into a temporary dir
  • retrieve the list of files removed from the previous release installed if a previous version of Rubedo Core has been installed
  • remove files and directories, from Rubedo repository, that we don't want to install on our project
  • copy the files / directories from the temporary dir into the project's Rubedo root dir
  • delete, from the project's Rubedo root dir, the files removed since the previous release installed, if any

Beware that, for this to work, Rubedo Core package version should be typed as "rubedo-core"


COMPOSER=composer.project.json php composer.phar require novactive/rubedo-core-installer 


You can add the following extra parameters into your project's composer file :

Configuration Type Description
rubedo-root-dir string Path to rubedo root directory
rubedo-files-to-ignore array of strings List of files from Rubedo Core repository that should not be installed (default: .gitignore)
rubedo-dirs-to-ignore array of strings List of dirs from Rubedo Core repository that should not be installed (default: .git, extensions)


In order to be accepted, your contribution needs to pass a few controls :

  • PHP files should be valid
  • PHP files should follow the PSR-2 standard
  • PHP files should be phpmd and phpcpd warning/error free

To ease the validation process, install the pre-commit framework and install the repository pre-commit hook :

pre-commit install

Finally, in order to homogenize commit messages across contributors (and to ease generation of the CHANGELOG), please apply this git commit message hook onto your local repository.