Tool for Laravel Nova Packages Development

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Tool for Laravel Nova Packages Development

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This library provides a versioning laravel-nova mixins dependency for 3rd party packages built for Laravel Nova.


laravel-nova may introduce breaking and none breaking improvements from time to time. To maintain compatibility all 3rd party packages should rebuild their packages each time Laravel Nova released a new version.

By skipping this process and depending on the severity of the changes it may result in your application no longer working and you are locked to an older version and have to wait each affecting 3rd packages to update their code.


  • nova-kit/nova-packages-tool reduces the maintaining hurdle for each 3rd party package utilizing laravel-nova.
  • The dist generated file will be reduced since 3rd party package is no longer required to build laravel-nova source code.


  • Each time Laravel Nova made a new release, you need to wait until nova-kit/nova-packages-tool make a new compatible release.


To install through composer, run the following command from terminal:

composer require "nova-kit/nova-packages-tool:^1.0"

Next, make sure your application's composer.json contains the following command under

  "script" : {
    "post-autoload-dump": [
      "@php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-assets --ansi --force"


First, you need to add webpack.external alias to laravel-nova and comment the existing reference to vendor/laravel/nova/resources/js/mixins/js/packages.js under nova.mix.js:

webpackConfig.externals = {
  vue: 'Vue',
  'laravel-nova': 'LaravelNova'

// webpackConfig.resolve.alias = {
//   ...(webpackConfig.resolve.alias || {}),
//   'laravel-nova': path.join(
//   __dirname,
//   'vendor/laravel/nova/resources/js/mixins/packages.js'
//   ),
// }

This would allow your package to depends on laravel-nova from external source and no longer compiled it locally.

Theme Switched Event

Instead of manually registering custom MutationObserver on each package, you can now listen to a single nova-theme-switched event:

Nova.$on('nova-theme-switched', ({ theme, element }) => {
  if (theme === 'dark') {
  } else {

Nightly Build

Those who just can't wait for compatible release you have to option to use our nightly build by running the following command on your Laravel Nova application:

composer require nova-kit/nova-packages-tool:"dev-next as 1.999.999"