Laravel Nova Field Mixins

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To install through composer, run the following command from terminal:

composer require "nova-kit/nova-field-mixins"


Laravel Nova Field Mixins is useful to apply set common set of configuration to Field without repeating it. E.g:

use Laravel\Nova\Fields\DateTime;

DateTime::make('Created At')->sortable()->firstDayOfWeek(1),
DateTime::make('Updated At')->sortable()->firstDayOfWeek(1),

By adding following class App\Nova\Fields\Mixins\StandardDateTime:


namespace App\Nova\Fields\Mixins;

use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Field;

class StandardDateTime
    public function __invoke(Field $field)

You can now write above example as:

use App\Nova\Fields\Mixins\StandardDateTime;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\DateTime;

DateTime::make('Created At')->apply(StandardDateTime::class),
DateTime::make('Updated At')->apply(StandardDateTime::class),

Available Mixin

Handle AsArrayobject Cast

This package provide a default implement casting for AsArrayObject.

use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Text;
use NovaKit\Fields\Mixins\AsArrayObject;

Text::make('Name', '')->apply(new AsArrayObject()),