Useful helpers for Laravel Nova

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To install through composer, run the following command from terminal:

composer require "nova-kit/helpers"



Get Qualified Column Name

NovaKit\column_name(string|\Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model $model, string $attribute): string;

The function generate qualified column name for an eloquent model:

use function NovaKit\column_name;

return column_name(App\Models\User::class, 'email');

Eloquent Exists

NovaKit\eloquent_exists(\Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model|mixed $model): bool;

The function checks if given $model is an instance of Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model and it exists in the database:

use App\Models\User;
use function NovaKit\eloquent_exists;

$user = User::find(5);

return eloquent_exists($user);

Get Table Name

NovaKit\table_name(string|\Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model $model): string;

The function generate table name for an eloquent model:

use function NovaKit\table_name;

return table_name(App\Models\User::class);

Nova Request Helpers

Has Ordering

NovaKit\has_ordering(\Laravel\Nova\Http\Requests\NovaRequest $request): bool;

Determine if current Request has any ordering.

use Laravel\Nova\Http\Requests\NovaRequest;
use function NovaKit\has_ordering;

public static function indexQuery(NovaRequest $request, $query)
    if (! has_ordering($request)) {

Running Action

NovaKit\running_action(\Illuminate\Http\Request $request, ?string $action): bool;

Determine NovaRequest is currently Running an Action Request.

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Laravel\Nova\Http\Requests\NovaRequest;

public function authorizedToUpdate(Request $request)
    if (running_action($request, 'open-on-platform')) {
        return $request->user()->canModerateResources();

    return $this->authorizedTo($request, 'update');

Common Helpers

Validate Column Name

NovaKit\is_column_name(mixed $column): bool;

Validate if given $column is a valid column name.

use function NovaKit\is_column_name;

if (is_column_name($request->query('sortBy'))) {

Safe Integer

NovaKit\safe_int(mixed $value): int|string;

Convert large id higher than JavaScript's Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER to string.

use function NovaKit\safe_int;

return safe_int(9007199254741001); // will return "9007199254741001"

Schemaless URL

NovaKit\schemaless_url(string $url): string;

Get schemaless URL for given $url

use function NovaKit\schemaless_url;

return schemaless_url(''); // will return ""