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Save sent emails in the database.
If there is an authenticated user while sending a mail, it will be saved as authenticatable (polymorphic relation).


composer require norman-huth/laravel-email-log

Optional: Publish

Publish config file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="NormanHuth\LaravelEmailLog\Providers\PackageServiceProvider" --tag="email-log-config"

Publish Migration

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="NormanHuth\LaravelEmailLog\Providers\PackageServiceProvider" --tag="email-log-migrations"


It’s a Laravel Eloquent Model.

use NormanHuth\LaravelEmailLog\Models\EmailLog::class;

return EmailLog::all();

return EmailLog::find(1);

return EmailLog::find(1)->authenticatable;

Laravel Nova

For a Laravel Nova integration read


ErrorLog = {
    'id': Number,
    'subject': String,
    'body': String,
    'from': Array,
    'to': Array,
    'bbc': Array,
    'cc': Array,
    'reply_to': Array,
    'headers': Array,
    'attachments': Array,
    'is_html': Boolean,
    'priority': Number,
    'authenticatable_type': String|Null,
    'authenticatable_id': Number|Null,
    'created_at': String|Null,
    'updated_at': String|Null,
    'deleted_at': String|Null

Model Relationship

Nullable morph.

* Get the parent authenticatable model.
public function authenticatable(): MorphTo
    return $this->morphTo();


The softDeletes column is present in the migration, but the SoftDeletes Trait is not using by the Model.