A Lumen service provider for Contentful

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This is a basic Lumen service provider for the Contentful PHP SDK. Version 1.x of this library is compatible with version 2.x of the SDK, while version 2.x of this library is compatible with version 3.x of the SDK. Starting from version 4.x the library version follows the SDK version, so version 4.x of this library is compatible with version 4.x of the SDK.


  • PHP >= 7.0
  • Lumen 5.x


Install the library:

composer require nordsoftware/lumen-contentful

Register the service provider:


Finally, copy config/contentful.php to your application's config/ directory, then define the environment variables in your .env file. Certain more esoteric options cannot be configured through the configuration file, see the Usage section for more information.


Inject Nord\Lumen\Contentful\ContentfulServiceContract into your classes, then you'll be able to access the Contentful client by using the getClient() method:


use Nord\Lumen\Contentful\ContentfulServiceContract;

class TestService

    public function __construct(ContentfulServiceContract $contentfulService)
        $client = $contentfulService->getClient();

Advanced usage

The Contentful SDK client takes a ClientOption parameter that controls various behavior such as which API to use, caching and so on. If you need to deviate from the default options you will have to extend ContentfulServiceProvider and override the createClientOptions method. Make sure to also register your custom service provider instead of the one from the library.

If you need need to use a custom client completely, override createClient.