Core components for jinitialize projects

dev-master 2020-10-02 14:16 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-05 12:25:31 UTC



  • register commands from the local folder
  • register procedures from the local folder


  • [?] JinitializeCommand: executesOther method, lists commands that are ran by the command

  • DOC (jinitialize and plugin): reserved names: core, test, show list of others?

    • link to (search composer api, get plugin name from composer.json)

Planned modules

  • apache2
  • laravel
  • tool: git project (bitbucket and github)
  • tool: laravel-routes
  • tool: laravel-schema
  • tool: gulp
  • tool: robo
  • tool: phpunit
  • laravel mix setup
  • npm new package installer
  • phaser setup (mix loaders option if webpack.mix.js is found)
  • babel boilerplate setup
  • react boilerplate setup


  • site status checker with guzzle
  • .env editor


  • refactor from main project
  • check if database already exists before trying to create it
  • check if user exists
  • set db default collation
  • set db default driver innoDB