SEO Hero Tool Analysis helps in optimizing websites for search engines

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An Addition to SEO Hero Tool which can be also found on Github SEO Hero Tool on Github. The SEO Hero Tool Analysis extends the functionality of the SEO Hero Tool by adding a Button to each page which on click starts an analysis of the actual website. This analysis checks several parameters and gives an detailled overview of the findings.

Creating default settings in the configuration

This definition takes place in the mysite/_config/config.yml.

  Local: true
  contentID: maincontent


Either true or false. If this is set to true some Tests will noe be performed like PageSpeed or W3C Analyisis.


The PageSpeed API Key which is needed to access the PageSpeed API. To start with PageSpeed Insights API just follow the linnk PageSpeed Insights API. Without a PageSpeed API Key the PageSpeed can not be obtained.


The ID of the Main Content on this site. If there is a valid value for contentID all text within this ID will be used for Word Count.


Complete test cases

Add more tests for this tool similar to the tests in SEO Hero Tool.

Feature Requests

To add your own Feature Request please use the Github Issues for this project.