nomidi/silverstripe-bugherd-hero-tool implementation for Silverstripe

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Easy implementation of is an online bug tracking service. For more information about please visit the website : Neither of the module developer is in liaison with bugherd. For any question or problem with bugherd please refer to This module should just offer an easy way to integrate bugherd into a SilverStripe project.


  • SilverStripe 3.1

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  project_key: 'xxx'
  environment_type: 'dev'
  member_status: false

to your config.yml then replace 'xxx' with your project ID. Please ensure to enter your project key with enclosing quotation marks. The other parameter (environment_type and member_status) are optional. For further information please stick to the documentation.


Composer (recommended):

composer require nomidi/silverstripe-bugherd-hero-tool


For all quesitons regarding Licensing pleasee see the

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Please refer to the within this package.


The SourceCode of this project can be found on Github.