Generator to easiely making sitemap data

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Sitemap Generator

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Generating sitemap.xml file means either writing raw xml or stocking data then loop on it. This generator allows you to generate urls data to show in your file.


I created it when i had to generate a sitemap.xml file from one of my Laravel projects. Originally made to work only with Laravel, I finaly modified it to works on every php projects. In addition, Blade the template engine provided by Laravel take any array as a collection so, i don't have to create any adapted package.


composer require nolikein/sitemap-generator ^1.0.0


Example with Php from sracth

use Nolikein\SitemapGenerator\SitemapFactory;

    $generator = new SitemapFactory();
        ->addRoute('', new Datetime('now'), 'always', 1)
    $routes = $generator->getRoutes();

Example with Laravel

Here an example with Laravel 8 :

use Nolikein\SitemapGenerator\SitemapFactory;

    $generator = new SitemapFactory();
        ->addRoute(route('welcome'), now(), 'always', 1)
    return response()
            ->view('frontoffice.sitemap', [
                'routes' => $generator->getRoutes()
            ->header('Content-Type', 'application/xml');

## Showing the result into a sitemap file (blade example)

{{-- @php echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' @endphp --}}
<urlset xmlns="">
    @foreach ($routes as $route)
            <loc>{{ $route->getUrl() }}</loc>
            <lastmod>{{ $route->getLastmodification()->format('Y-m-d') }}</lastmod>
            <changefreq>{{ $route->getFrequency() }}</changefreq>
            <priority>{{ $route->getPriority() }}</priority>