Small PHP library to valid email addresses using a number of methods.

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Small PHP library to valid email addresses using a number of methods.

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  • Validates email address
  • Checks for example domains (e.g.
  • Checks for disposable email domains (e.g.
  • Checks for role-based addresses (e.g. abuse@)
  • Checks for MX records (i.e. can receive email)

Install (using Composer)

composer require nojacko/email-validator:~1.0


Generalised Functions

  • isValid($email) Runs all the tests within this library. Returns true or false.
  • isSendable($email) Checks isEmail, isExample and hasMx. Returns true or false.

Specific Functions

If you want more control, use these functions seperately.

  • isEmail($email) Note: returns true or false only.
  • isExample($email)
  • isDisposable($email)
  • isRole($email)
  • hasMx($email)

These functions take a single argument (an email address) and return:

  • true, when function name is satisfied.
  • false, when function name is not satisfied.
  • null, when check is not possible, i.e. an invalid email is given.


$validator = new \EmailValidator\Validator();

$validator->isValid('');              // true
$validator->isValid('');                // false
$validator->isValid('');             // false

$validator->isSendable('');           // true
$validator->isSendable('');             // true
$validator->isSendable('');          // false

$validator->isEmail('');             // true
$validator->isEmail('example@example');                 // false

$validator->isExample('');           // true
$validator->isExample('');            // false
$validator->isExample('');                   // null

$validator->isDisposable('');        // false
$validator->isDisposable('');     // true
$validator->isDisposable('');                // null

$validator->isRole('');              // false
$validator->isRole('');                // true
$validator->isRole('');                      // null

$validator->hasMx('');               // false
$validator->hasMx('');                // true
$validator->hasMx('');                       // null


Contributions welcome!


Add/Remove Disposable Domain

See the email-data-disposable project.

New Feature

If you're planning a new feature, please raise an issue first to ensure it's in scope. The aim is to keep this library small and with one specific purpose.

Other Contributions

For anything that isn't a new feature (bug fix, tests, etc) just create a pull request.


Test are all located in tests folder.

Run tests with phpunit. In root folder, execute phpunit in a CLI.


Semantic Versioning 2.0.0


The MIT License (MIT). See LICENCE file.