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A simple markdown editor compatible most markdown parse,You can choose any parse methods on server or client,like Mathematical formula、flowchart、upload image... this program is a plugin for laravel 5.4 and php 7.1 upper.more feature develop now...


editor demo: Demo
js render page Demo
php render page Demo


  • CodeMirror link
  • Simplemde-markdown link
  • markdown-it (markdown render) link
  • mermaid (flowchart) link
  • intervention (image handling) link


  • PHP >= 7.1.0
  • Laravel >= 5.4.0


First, install package.

composer require noisywinds/laravel-smartmd

Then run these commands to publish assets and config:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="NoisyWinds\Smartmd\SmartmdServiceProvider"

make test view router:

Route::group(['namespace' => 'Smartmd', 'prefix' => 'editor'], function () {
    Route::post('/upload', 'UploadController@imSave');
    Route::get('/write', function () {
        return view('vendor/smartmd/write');
        return view('vendor/smartmd/js-show');

Rewrite UploadController or config/smartmd.php to change upload path:

return [
    "image" => [
         * like filesystem, Where do you like to place pictures?
        "root" => storage_path('app/public/images'),
         * return public image path
        "url" => env('APP_URL').'/storage/images',
  • notice: uploda image will optimize and resize in the UploadController

Some shortcode

  1. Bold (Ctrl + b)
  2. Italic (Ctrl + I)
  3. Insert Image (Ctrl + Alt + I)
  4. Insert Math (Ctrl + m)
  5. Insert flowchart (Ctrl + Alt + m)
  6. more... (mac command the same with ctrl)

editor options

new Smartmd({
   // editor element {string} 
   el: "#editor",
   // editor wrapper layout {string or number}
   height: "400px",
   width: "100%",
   // autosave 
   autoSave: {
     // uuid is required {string or number}
     uuid: 1,
     // {number}
     delay: 5000
   // init state {boolean}
   isFullScreen: true, // default false
   isPreviewActive: true // default false

parse markdown

I don't need editor:

// require in your view meta
    // create Parsemd object use javascript parse markdown
    var parse = new Parsemd();
    var html = parse.render(document.getElementById("editor").value.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, ''));
    document.getElementById("content").innerHTML = html;

I need editor:

    var smartmd = new Smartmd();
    smartmd.markdown("# hello world");

I want php render:

  • only render Formula、Flowchart、Code highlight use JavaScript
// require in your view meta


use NoisyWinds\Smartmd\Markdown;

$parse = new Markdown();
$text = "# Your markdown text";
$html = $parse->text($text);
return view('Smartmd::php-show',['content'=>$html]);

How to expand


markdown render

  • markdown-it (markdown render) link


Welcome to ask questions or what features you want to be compatible with.