nette extension - adds the GIT panel to the tracy panel - shows current GIT branch.

v0.9.3 2016-07-17 08:49 UTC


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This is simple extension for Tracy which shows the information about current GIT branch (Have you ever worked in wrong branch? Nope? So you are probably don't need this one.) and slightly more useful things. Just check it out.

not versioned project

versioned project


The recommended installation is using composer.

If you are not still using composer, you should check it out. It's 2016(+) afterall.

composer require nofutur3/tracy-gitpanel

Alternative way - in case you are not able to use composer. Download the source code (ie clone git repo) into your project and require it some way. For nette framework like this in your bootstrap file:

    ->addDirectory(__DIR__ . 'path/to/library/');


In your nette application it's simple, just add these lines to your config file. Depends on the structure of your config files, but you may use the basic config.neon file. I usually add the lines just in config.local.neon file because I don't need this extension in production mode.

Nette 2.3+
        - Nofutur3\GitPanel\Diagnostics\Panel
Older version of Nette:
            - Nofutur3\GitPanel\Diagnostics\Panel

Standalone Tracy

In case you are using Tracy without Nette, you can add GitPanel this way:

\Tracy\Debugger::getBar()->addPanel(new \Nofutur3\GitPanel\Diagnostics\Panel());