Traction API Library

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Traction is a relationship marketing platform that makes it easy to manage multi-channel campaigns and build brand advocacy through the effective use of data.

This is a PHP implementation of their API.

  • PHP 5.3+ Library
  • Curl Transport (via Buzz)


Classic API


use Traction\Request\Type\Customer;
use Traction\Request\Promotion;
use Traction\Handler;

// use the customer class to structure your customer information
$customer = new Customer;

// create a promotion request
$promo = new Promotion;
$promo->addCustomAttribute('123456', 'here is a custom field');
$promo->addSnippet('use array fields');
$promo->addSnippet('as arrays!');

// create an instance of the request handler
$handler = new Handler(array(
    'endpoint_id' => '12345',
    'user_id'     => 'foo',
    'password'    => 'bar'

// send it
$response = $handler->submit($promo);

Dynamic API

use Traction\Request\Competition;
use Traction\DynamicHandler;

// Create Entry
$comp = new Competition();
$comp->addAttribute('EMAIL', $entry->getEmail());
$comp->addAttribute('FIRSTNAME', $entry->getFirstName());
$comp->addAttribute('LASTNAME', $entry->getSurname());
$comp->addAttribute('LNDM_DATE_OF_BIRTH', $entry->getDob()->format('d/m/Y'));
$comp->addAttribute('LNDM_PHONE_NUMBER', $entry->getMobile());
$comp->addAttribute('LNDM_ADDRESS_1', $entry->getStreet());
$comp->addAttribute('LNDM_STATE_NAME', $entry->getState());
$comp->addAttribute('LNDM_SUBURB', $entry->getSuburb());
$comp->addAttribute('LNDM_POSTCODE', $entry->getPostcode());

// create an instance of the request handler
$handler = new DynamicHandler(array(
    'connection' => 'd2342afexxxadfas23r',
    'password'    => 'bar'

// send it
$response = $traction->submit($comp);
return $response->getCustomerId();