Helps with every day nuisances like path or EOL handling.

0.3.8 2016-04-17 06:52 UTC

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nochso/omni helps with every day nuisances like path or EOL handling.

  • Simple solutions: This is not an alternative for more specific packages.
  • Fully tested.
  • Strictly follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.
  • Clean code with low complexity.
  • No dependencies other than symfony/polyfill-mbstring.
  • Not a framework.
  • Not another object-based wrapper around the standard PHP library.
  • One less reason to stumble upon the comment section or have a Stackoverflow deja-vu.

Table of contents:


PHP 5.6.0, 7.0 or higher.

Installation and autoloading via Composer is recommended. You're free to use any other PSR-4 compatible autoloader on folder src/.

Optional requirements

fabpot/php-cs-fixer is required by namespace nochso\Omni\PhpCsfixer.


composer require nochso/omni

You can now use the namespace \nochso\Omni.

API summary

For full API documentation, see

This is a short summary of namespaces, classes, interfaces and traits.

  • N nochso\Omni
    • C ArrayCollection wraps an array, providing common collection methods.
    • C Arrays class provides methods for array manipulation missing from default PHP.
    • C Dot allows easy access to multi-dimensional arrays using dot notation.
    • C DotArray holds a multi-dimensional array and wraps the static API of \nochso\Omni\Dot.
    • C EOL detects, converts and returns information about line-endings.
    • C Exec creates objects that help manage \exec() calls.
    • C Folder handles file system folders.
    • C Multiline string class for working with lines of text.
    • C Numeric validates and converts mixed types to numeric types.
    • C OS OS.
    • C Path helps keep the directory separator/implode/trim/replace madness away.
    • C Strings class provides methods for string handling missing from default PHP.
    • C Type returns PHP type information.
    • C VcsVersionInfo enriches an internal VersionInfo with the latest tag and current repository state.
    • C VersionInfo consists of a package name and version.
  • N nochso\Omni\Format
    • C Bytes formats a quantity of bytes using different suffixes and binary or decimal base.
    • C Duration formats seconds or DateInterval objects as human readable strings.
    • C Quantity formats a string depending on quantity (many, one or zero).
  • N nochso\Omni\PhpCsFixer
    • C DefaultFinder respects ignore files for Git, Mercurial and Darcs.
    • C PrettyPSR lies inbetween FixerInterface's PSR2 and Symfony level.

Change log

See for the full history of changes between releases.



  • Add placeholder %s for quantity in Format\Quantity.


  • DurationFormat can now handle milliseconds.

[0.3.7] - 2016-04-16


  • Fix handling of absolute scheme:// paths in Path::combine


Feedback, bug reports and pull requests are always welcome.

Please read the contributing guide for instructions.


This project is released under the MIT license. See for the full text.