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2.0.0 2016-05-31 18:04 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-25 13:59:21 UTC


Namespace: \nochso\Diff

Diff implementation for PHP with support for text, HTML and console output out of the box.

This library is a fork of sebastian/diff: While the original diff implementation has not notably changed, new features were added:

  • Configurable limit for lines of context around the modified lines
  • Plain PHP templates for displaying diffs in:
    • Plain text
    • Colored POSIX console output
    • HTML
    • Github flavoured Markdown
  • Modify existing templates or create your own
  • Line numbering based on the "before" string
  • Upstream formatter for maintaining compatibility with sebastian/diff — and to keep the original tests around


composer require nochso/diff


Start with creating a Diff object by passing two strings to Diff::create():

$diff = \nochso\Diff\Diff::create('foo', 'bar');

The Diff object contains a list of DiffLine objects, consisting of text, a line number and the type of diff operation.

foreach ($diff->getDiffLines() as $line) {
    if ($line->isRemoval()) {
        echo 'Line ' . $line->getLineNumberFrom() . " was removed:\n";
        echo $line->getText() . "\n";

Most of the time you'll want to display the diff somewhere. You can pass a Diff instance to anything that implements the Formatter interface:

$formatter = new \nochso\Diff\Format\Template\Text();
echo $formatter->format($diff);


1: -foo
 : +bar

How about two lines of context and Github flavoured Markdown?

$context = new ContextDiff();
$diff = Diff::create($from, $to, $context);
$gfm = new \nochso\Diff\Format\Template\GithubMarkdown();
echo $gfm->format($diff);
 2: pariatur ground round
 3: dolore meatloaf nisi
-4: shoulder.
 5: Consequat rump spare
-6: ribs ham hock shank.
 7: Magna esse nisi
 8: frankfurter picanha

As you can see, when creating a Diff you can pass a ContextDiff object to change the default behaviour.