Capsule is a simple PSR-7 HTTP message and PSR-17 HTTP factory implementation.

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Capsule is a simple PSR-7 HTTP message interface and PSR-17 HTTP factory implementation.


composer require nimbly/capsule

HTTP Message (PSR-7)


The Request object represents an outbound HTTP request your application would like to make, typically to be used with a PSR-18 compliant HTTP client.

$request = new Request("get", "");

$response = $httpClient->sendRequest($request);


The ServerRequest object represents an incoming HTTP request into your application, to be used with a PSR-7 compliant HTTP framework or other library.

$serverRequest = new ServerRequest("get", "");

$response = $framework->dispatch($serverRequest);

Creating from globals

Typically, you will want to create a ServerRequest instance from the PHP globals space ($_SERVER, $_POST, $_GET, $_FILES, and $_COOKIES) for your incoming requests. The ServerRequestFactory provides a static method to create such an instance.

$serverRequest = ServerRequestFactory::createFromGlobals();

$response = $framework->dispatch($serverRequest);


The ServerRequest instance offers helpers to test for and access various request property parameters.

Parsed body helpers

if( $serverRequest->hasBodyParam("foo") ){
	// Do the foo...

 * Get a single param ("bar") from the parsed body.
$bar = $serverRequest->getBodyParam("bar");

 * Get *only* the provided params from the parsed body.
$serverRequest->onlyBodyParams(["foo", "bar"]);

 * Get all params from the parsed body *except* those provided.
$serverRequest->exceptBodyParams(["foo", "bar"]);

Query param helpers

if( $serverRequest->hasQueryParam("foo") ){
	// Do the foo...

$foo = $serverRequest->getQueryParam("foo");

Uploaded file helpers

if( $serverRequest->hasUploadedFile("avatar") ){
	// Do something

$avatar = $serverRequest->getUploadedFile("avatar");


The Response object represents an HTTP response to either a Request or a ServerRequest action.

$response = new Response(200, \json_encode(["foo" => "bar"]), ["Content-Type" => "application/json"]);

Response Status

Capsule provides a ResponseStatus helper class with HTTP response codes as constants and reason phrases.

$response = new Response(ResponseStatus::NOT_FOUND);
$phrase = ResponseStatus::getPhrase(ResonseStatus::NOT_FOUND);

echo $phrase; // Outputs "Not Found"

HTTP Factory (PSR-17)

Capsule includes a set of PSR-17 factory classes to be used to create Request, ServerRequest, Response, Stream, UploadedFile, and Uri instances.

RequestFactory, ServerRequestFactory, ResponseFactory, StreamFactory, UploadedFileFactory, and UriFactory.