Fully unit tested SphinxClient (SphinxAPI) for PHP5.3 and above to be used with SphinxSearch

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This class is a port of the original Sphinx API class by Andrew Aksyonoff and Sphinx Technologies Inc to PHP 5.3 and above.

1. Requirements

  • Composer
  • PHP 5.3 or above
  • SphinxSearch

2. Added removeFilter

While all the existing methods are available and vastly documented in the Sphinx Documentation, this version of the SphinxClient for PHP includes a new method.

  • removeFilter: The original SphinxClient allows you to clear all filters. This method removes a specific filter previously set.

$sphinxSearch = new \NilPortugues\Sphinx\SphinxClient();

//Do connection and set up search method...

// Do search...
// Result would contain "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", to be in theatres in 2014.
$result = $sphinxSearch->query('Spiderman','movies');

// Unset the filter to stop filtering by year
// Now we'll get all the Spiderman movies.
$result = $sphinxSearch->query('Spiderman','movies');

3. Added chainable methods

While updating the code, chaining capability has been added. SphinxClient's setters can be chained resulting in a cleaner code.

$sphinxSearch = new \NilPortugues\Sphinx\SphinxClient();

$result = $sphinxSearch

5. Author

Nil Portugués Calderó