Implementation of a base repository with cache layer using StashPHP

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Repository Cache

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Repository to be used with nilportugues/repository implementing a PSR-6 cache layer using StashPHP.


Use Composer to install the package:

$ composer require nilportugues/repository-cache

Cache Drivers

Repository Cache supports all of Stash's drivers:

  • System
    • FileSystem
    • Sqlite (requires php-pdo-sqlite extension)
    • APC (requires php-apcu extension)
  • Server
    • Memcached (requires php-memcache or php-memcached extensions)
    • Redis (requires php-redis extension)
  • Specialized
    • Ephemeral (in memory cache)
    • Composite

For more information please check out Stash's documentation.


use NilPortugues\Foundation\Infrastructure\Model\Repository\Cache\RepositoryCache;
use Stash\Driver\Ephemeral;
use Stash\Driver\Memcache;
use Stash\Pool;

// Definition of cache drivers
$memcached = new Memcache();
$memcached->setOptions(array('servers' => array('', '11211')));

$cachePool = new Pool();
$cachePool->setDriver(new Ephemeral()); //hit in memory first as always will be faster
$cachePool->setDriver($memcached); //hit memcached second.

$ttl = 3600; //time in second for cache to expire.
$cacheNamespace = Color::class;

// Adding cache to an existing repository
$sqlRepository = new MySQLColorRepository();
$repository = new RepositoryCache($cachePool, $repository, $cacheNamespace, $ttl);

// Now use as normal... 
$color = new Color('#@@@@@@', 'New color');
$repository->find(ColorId('#@@@@@@')); //should hit cache and return an instance of Color.


To run the PHPUnit tests at the command line, go to the tests directory and issue phpunit.

This library attempts to comply with PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-4.

If you notice compliance oversights, please send a patch via Pull Request.


Contributions to the package are always welcome!


Get in touch with me using one of the following means:



The code base is licensed under the MIT license.