An error and exception handling library for PHP 5.3+

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An error and exception handling library for PHP 5.3+

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Installation using Composer

Run the following command to add the package to your composer.json:

composer require niels-nijens/failurehandling

This library also requires a PSR-3 compatible logger like niels-nijens/Logging or Monolog for the actual logging of errors and exceptions.


To activate handling of errors and exceptions, see the following example code.

use Nijens\FailureHandling\FailureCatcher;
use Nijens\FailureHandling\Handlers\DefaultFailureHandler;
use Nijens\Logging\Logger; // Not included in this library

$logger = new Logger(); // Not included in this library

$failureHandler = new DefaultFailureHandler();



This is one of the AtomicPHP library series trying to achieve ultimate flexibility for PHP developers through separation of concerns.


FailureHandling uses Semantic Versioning 2 as guideline for new versions.


FailureHandling is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


Niels Nijens -


This library is inspired by an idea about error and exception handling of Giso Stallenberg.