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WP Qualitycontrol

With complex themes it is often impossible to try every single combination of settings and fields provided in post-types.

WP Qualitycontrol creates many fuzzed posts with minimal configuration. After generating semi-realistic content the created posts are tested to see if they produce a valid webpage.


1. Define WP Qualitycontrol as a dependency

composer require niels-de-blaauw/wp-qualitycontrol

The tool will load automatically.

2. Run the generate command

Inside WordPress install, use the generate command:

wp qualitycontrol generate


It is possible to overwrite and extend the field processing with custom classes. This method can be used to add non-standard ACF field types, or modify output generation when the default does not fit the project.


You can add tests to the URL validation by using the following filters:

  • ndb/qualitycontrol/test/fulfilled possibly succeeded.
  • ndb/qualitycontrol/test/rejected probably failed.


There are three filters to hijack the field object.

1. Field name

add_filter('ndb/qualitycontrol/field_name=post_option_name', function($returnValue, $field, $post_type){
	return new CustomObject($field, $post_type);
}, 10, 3);

2. Field key

add_filter('ndb/qualitycontrol/field_key=field_597c8fd614621', function($returnValue, $field, $post_type){
  return new CustomObject($field, $post_type);
}, 10, 3);

3. Field type

add_filter('ndb/qualitycontrol/field_type=color_picker', function($returnValue, $field, $post_type){
	return new CustomObject($field, $post_type);
}, 10, 3);

Return value

Returning false skips to the next filter. Otherwise you must return an object implementing \NDB\QualityControl\FieldTypes\iFieldType.


  • The generate command will clean generated posts before and after running the command, unless you tell it not to.
  • If the testing sequence is enabled and fails, cleaning the generated posts is skipped so you can debug with the generated content that failed.
  • You can manually clean generated posts with wp qualitycontrol clean.