PHP 5.4 wrapper for PutIO's OAuth API (v2)

0.3.1 2015-02-19 19:36 UTC

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This is a powerful PHP library for's OAuth2 API. It supports all features that's API provides natively, including file uploads, downloads, transfers, friends, etc... No dependencies required.

Take a look at the Wiki and's API documentation to get started.

Find me on Twitter: @nicoSWD

Take a look at the experimental branch for PHP 7 with strict type hints and return types


Via Composer

$ composer require "nicoswd/putio": "0.3.*"

Via git

$ git clone


$putio = new PutIO\API($accessToken);

// Retrieve a an array of files on your account.
$files = $putio->files->listall();

// Upload a file.
$file = 'path/to/file.jpg';

// Download a file.
$fileID = 1234;
$saveAs = 'my-file.jpg';
$putio->files->download($fileID, $saveAs);

// Search for files you have access to.
$query = 'my file';
$files = $putio->files->search($query);

// Add a new transfer (file or torrent)
$url = '';

// Get status of a transfer
$transferID = 1234;
$info = $putio->transfers->info($transferID);

// And a lot more...


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


$ phpunit


Pull requests are very welcome! If they include tests, even better. This project follows PSR-2 coding standards, please make sure your pull requestst do too.