Anax comment module.

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Comment Module for Anax

This is a comment module for the Anax framework. This assumes you have a decent knowledge of the Anax-framework.

Why use this module?

Well, maybe you are a front-end developer who's building an anax app and can't really bother with the backend stuff. Well this is prebuilt for you, so you can style the default views and use data from modules to create new ideas and pages with the data.

We've added some jquery in the views, so you can get some Ajax in the questions views, but it's optional to use.

What does it contain?

  1. Login System (users,admins)
  2. Questions and Answers System.
  3. Comment System
  4. Prebuilt HTMLForms


Let's get started. You can use composer to install the package, then we will integrate the module with your Anax.

Install with composer

composer require nicklas/comment

Router files

  1. Copy the config/route/comment catalog and paste it in your own Anax installation.
  2. Copy code in the config/route.php and paste it in your own config/route.php.


Copy everything that lies in the config/di.php and paste it in your own DI-container. Also make sure that you add any dependency that you might not added already.

Also don't be surprised that we're adding a renderpage class, since this module uses it's own renderpage functions, therefore we need to add them in our DI.


Use the SQL-code in the src/Comment/sql/setup.sql to setup your database.

You'll need a config/database.php file. In other words, you'll need a normal setup for anax\database. If you already have a file, then you can use that one.


In /views you'll find the views for the module. You can copy them and paste it in own Anax installation. Then you can style them for your own website.


I recommend that you copy the src/page into your own and that to the commentFrontController in your DI, so you have better control of this part.

Add more?

You can use use class() if you want to make your own Pagerenders with the modules.


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2017 Nicklas Envall (