ISBN tools


This library provides the functionality to validate, format and convert ISBN numbers, that powers the website. It is released under a permissive MIT open-source license for anyone to use.

ISBN formatting follows the rules defined by the ISBN range file published by ISBN International.

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This library is installable via Composer:

composer require nicebooks/isbn


This library requires PHP 7.4 or higher.

Project status & release process

While this library is still under development, it is well tested and should be stable enough to use in production environments. It is currently in use in production on

The current releases are numbered 0.x.y. When a non-breaking change is introduced (updating ISBN ranges, adding new methods, optimizing existing code, etc.), y is incremented.

When a breaking change is introduced, a new 0.x version cycle is always started.

It is therefore safe to lock your project to a given release cycle, such as 0.3.*.

If you need to upgrade to a newer release cycle, check the release history for a list of changes introduced by each further 0.x.0 version.


The IsbnTools class

This class contains all the tools to work with ISBN numbers as plain strings.

use Nicebooks\Isbn\IsbnTools;
$tools = new IsbnTools();

Its constructor offers two configurable parameters:

public function __construct(bool $cleanupBeforeValidate = true, bool $validateCheckDigit = true)
  • $cleanupBeforeValidate removes any non-alphanumeric ASCII character from the string before validating it.
  • $validateCheckDigit computes the checksum of the ISBN number before any operation.

Method summary:

  • isValidIsbn(string $isbn) : bool checks that the given ISBN is valid.

    var_export($tools->isValidIsbn('123456789X')); // true
    var_export($tools->isValidIsbn('9781234567897')); // true
  • isValidIsbn10(string $isbn) : bool checks that the given ISBN is a valid ISBN-10.

    var_export($tools->isValidIsbn10('123456789X')); // true
  • isValidIsbn13(string $isbn) : bool checks that the given ISBN is a valid ISBN-13.

    var_export($tools->isValidIsbn13('9781234567897')); // true
  • convertIsbn10to13(string $isbn) : string converts the given ISBN-10 to an ISBN-13.

    var_export($tools->convertIsbn10to13('123456789X')); // '9781234567897'
  • convertIsbn13to10(string $isbn) : string converts the given ISBN-13 to an ISBN-10.

    var_export($tools->convertIsbn10to13('9781234567897')); // '123456789X'
  • format(string $isbn) : string formats the given ISBN by adding hyphens at the proper places.

    var_export($formatter->format('123456789X')); // '1-234-56789-X'
    var_export($formatter->format('9781234567897')); // '978-1-234-56789-7'

The Isbn class

The Isbn class is an immutable class representing a valid ISBN-10 or ISBN-13. It is an alternate way to access the functionality provided by IsbnTools, and offers a convenient way to pass an ISBN number around, guaranteeing both its validity and its integrity.

An Isbn instance is obtained with the of() factory method:

use Nicebooks\Isbn\Isbn;
$isbn = Isbn::of('123456789X');

Method summary:

  • is10() : bool Returns true for an ISBN-10, or false for an ISBN-13.
  • is13() : bool Returns true for an ISBN-13, or false for an ISBN-10.
  • isConvertibleTo10() : bool Returns true if the ISBN can be converted to an ISBN-10, false otherwise.
  • to10() : Isbn Returns an Isbn instance representing the ISBN converted to an ISBN-10.
  • to13() : Isbn Returns an Isbn instance representing the ISBN converted to an ISBN-13.
  • format() : string Returns the formatted representation of the ISBN.


Exceptions live in the Nicebooks\Isbn\Exception namespace.

  • InvalidIsbnException is thrown when an invalid ISBN is detected
  • IsbnNotConvertibleException is thrown when trying to convert an ISBN-13 that does not start with '978' to an ISBN-10.