Light, simple and standalone PHP in-file caching class

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Light, simple and standalone PHP in-file caching class

This library is fork code from as refactoring someone!


  • Light, standalone and simple
  • All code in one file - no pointless drivers.
  • Secure - every generated cache file have a php header with die, making direct access impossible even if someone knows the path, and your server is not configured properly
  • Well documented and tested
  • Supports PHP 5.4 - 8.0
  • Free under a GPL-3.0 license

Requirements and Installation

You need PHP 5.4+ for usage

Require with composer:

composer require nguyenanhung/php-file-cache


require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use nguyenanhung\PhpFileCache\PhpFileCache;

$cache = new PhpFileCache();

$data = $cache->refreshIfExpired("simple-cache-test", function () {
    return date("H:i:s"); // return data to be cached
}, 10);

echo "Latest cache save: $data";

See examples for more


If any question & request, please contact following information

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Hung Nguyen nguyenanhung5891 @nguyenanhung

From Vietnam with Love <3