My nuSOAP Library, fix code for for PHP 8.2 <=> 5.4

v0.9.15.3 2023-08-09 15:44 UTC


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NuSoap - Fix for Php >= 5.4 and <= 8.2

NuSphere's NuSOAP for Packagist/Composer

Refactor by me, use namespace

Fix NuSOAP for PHP >=5.4 and PHP <=8.2

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Step 1: Install packages

composer require nguyenanhung/nusoap

Step 2.1: Init to Project if PHP <= 7.0

require '/your/to/path/vendor/autoload.php';
use nguyenanhung\MyNuSOAP\nusoap_client;
$client = new nusoap_client();

Step 2.2: Init to Project if PHP >= 7.0

require '/your/to/path/vendor/autoload.php';
use nguyenanhung\MyFixNuSOAP\nusoap_client;
$client = new nusoap_client();


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