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Show off your charting skills with this easy to use tile. Supports line, bar, pie, doughnut and many more!



You can install the package via composer:

composer require fidum/laravel-dashboard-chart-tile


In the dashboard config file, you can optionally add this configuration in the tiles key.

// in config/dashboard.php
return [
    // ...
    'tiles' => [
        'charts' => [     
            'refresh_interval_in_seconds' => 300, // Default: 300 seconds (5 minutes)

This tile uses chart.js to render the charts with the help of Laravel Charts package see links to documentation for both below:

So that you can easily add your datasets and configure your charts exactly how you want them you need to create a chart class that implements the Fidum\ChartTile\Contracts\ChartFactory interface.

See chart example below:

namespace App\Charts;

use Carbon\Carbon;
use Fidum\ChartTile\Charts\Chart;
use Fidum\ChartTile\Contracts\ChartFactory;

class ExampleBarChart implements ChartFactory
    public static function make(array $settings): ChartFactory
        return new static;

    public function chart(): Chart
        $date = Carbon::now()->subMonth()->startOfDay();

        $data = collect(range(0, 12))->map(function ($days) use ($date) {
            return [
                'x' => $date->clone()->addDays($days)->toDateString(),
                'y' => rand(100, 500),

        $chart = (new Chart)
                  'responsive' => true,
                  'maintainAspectRatio' => false,
                  // etc...
             ], true);

        $chart->dataset('Example Data', 'bar', $data->toArray())

        return $chart;

In your dashboard view you can use the below component as many times as needed. Pass your chart class reference to the component and that will be used to generate the chart.

    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{App\Charts\DailyUsersChart::class}}" position="a1:a3" />

Optional properties:

  • chartFilters optional key value array of settings that is passed to your chart static::make method. Only use this for passing simple values strings, integers, arrays etc. To use this you will have to use @livewire syntax over the component syntax in order set the array value.
@livewire('chart-tile', [
    'chartFactory' => App\Charts\DailyUsersChart::class, 
    'chartFilters' => ['type' => 'customer'],
  • height sets the height of the chart, depending on your dashboard layout you may need to adjust this (defaults to 100%).

  • refreshIntervalInSeconds use this to override the refresh rate of an individual tile (defaults to 300 seconds)


We have provided some chart factory examples to help get you started here. You can use the below dashboard layout to have an instant showcase of these examples:

    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExamplePieChart::class}}" position="a1:a2" height="140%"/>
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleDoughnutChart::class}}" position="b1:b2" height="140%"/>
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExamplePieChart::class}}" position="c1:c2" height="140%" />
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleDoughnutChart::class}}" position="d1:d2" height="140%" />
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleBarChart::class}}" position="a3:b4" />
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleLineChart::class}}" position="c3:d4" />
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleLineChart::class}}" position="a5:b6" />
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleBarChart::class}}" position="c5:d6" />
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleBarChart::class}}" position="a7:b8" />
    <livewire:chart-tile chartFactory="{{\Fidum\ChartTile\Examples\ExampleLineChart::class}}" position="c7:d8" />


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