Metamodels layer for the Leaflet maps integration in Contao CMS

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3.1.1 2024-01-23 07:44 UTC


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This extension provides a MetaModel layer for the Leaflet maps integration for Contao CMS.

Each layer intergrates one specific MetaModel into the Maps. For each layer multiple renderers can be defined:

  • Create a marker for the MetaModel item.
  • Reference to a layer, vector or marker defined in the Leaflet extension.
  • Load a GeoJSON feature or feature collection from an MetaModel attribute.
  • Load a GeoJSON feature or feature collection from files defined in a MetaModel attribute.


  • For markers a default icon can be selected. Besides an attribute can be used to define a custom marker icon.
  • For referenced layers, which are included as a copy (standalone mode) optional default styles and icons can be defined.


The Leaflet integration for the Contao CMS requires at least PHP 7.1. This extension works for MetaModels 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x.


This extension can be installed using composer:

$ php composer.phar require netzmacht/contao-leaflet-metamodels:~3.0@rc


The translations are maintained via the Transifex service (resources with prefix metamodels-). Please enter further languages or additions there.