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A Neos package providing basic mockup functionality for content-first approach

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4.0.1 2022-12-22 09:26 UTC


A Neos package providing basic mockup functionality for content-first approach

Install package

  1. Install neos base distribution via composer

  2. Require package networkteam/neos-mockup as composer dependency

composer require "networkteam/neos-mockup"
  1. Remove neos/demo package
composer remove package neos/demo
  1. Follow Neos setup ( and create a new site package with a dummy site
  2. Log into Neos backend (

Usage Mockup Page

Set prototype of Page to Networkteam.Neos.Mockup.Page

Usage Mockup Header

Set prototype of Header to Networkteam.Neos.Mockup:Components.Molecules.Header

Usage Mockup Body

Set prototype of Body to Networkteam.Neos.Mockup:Components.Templates.Page

Usage Mockup Navigation

Set prototype of Navigation to Networkteam.Neos.Mockup:Components.Organisms.Navbar To use your custom logo / title or else, overwrite certain props you want. E.g.:

  prototype(Networkteam.Neos.Mockup:Components.Organisms.Navbar) {
      title = ${}
      alt = ''

      titleEntity = Your.Custom.Package:Components.Atoms.Logo {
          imageSrc = Neos.Fusion:ResourceUri {
              path = 'resource://Your.Custom.Package/Public/Images/logos/logo.svg'
          link = Neos.Neos:NodeUri {
              node = ${site}

Usage Placeholder

After installation you can use Placeholder-Component like any other Neos-Content-Component.

Custom Styles / Contribution

Use yarn to install dependencies.

We moved the creation of stylesheets to SCSS. Compiling is possible by using yarn start which is a watcher for devlopment. Use yarn build to get a compressed production build.