Module for managing parcel dispatches

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The Netresearch Shipping Dispatch extension provides a framework for dispatching shipments. Carrier modules can build upon it to provide shipment manifestation as part of their shipping fulfillment process.


The extension introduces a new Dispatch entity. A dispatch collects packages/labels that were created for shipments. The dispatch can then be manifested for preparing the handover of packages to the courier/postal facility. This is also referred to as close-out. Depending on the carrier capabilities, this usually results in some sort of dispatch documentation (handover note, manifest).

The extension provides data schema and UI integration. The necessary API calls (manifest labels, download documentation, cancel manifestation) are to be implemented by the carrier module.


  • PHP >= 7.1.0


  • Magento >= 2.3.0+

Installation Instructions

Install sources:

composer require netresearch/module-shipping-dispatch

Enable module:

./bin/magento module:enable Netresearch_ShippingDispatch
./bin/magento setup:upgrade

Flush cache and compile:

./bin/magento cache:flush
./bin/magento setup:di:compile


To unregister the module from the application, run the following command:

./bin/magento module:uninstall --remove-data Netresearch_ShippingDispatch
composer update

This will automatically remove source files, clean up the database, update package dependencies.

To clean up the database manually, run the following commands:

DROP TABLE `nrshipping_dispatch_document`, `nrshipping_dispatch_package`, `nrshipping_dispatch`;
DELETE FROM `core_config_data` WHERE `path` LIKE 'shipping/batch_processing/dispatch/%';


OSL - Open Software Licence 3.0


(c) 2021 Netresearch DTT GmbH