A collection of custom config types for Magento 2 system configuration development.

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1.3.0 2022-04-26 09:54 UTC

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Last update: 2024-01-26 15:21:33 UTC


No more fiddly "Yes/No" dropdowns in your configuration.

This Magento 2 extension offers a selection of custom "Field Types" and "Frontend Models" for use in Magento 2 extensions with a system configuration section.


Custom field types

  • Checkboxset: Functionally equivalent to native Magento field type multiselect
  • Radioset: Functionally equivalent to native Magento field type select
  • Checkbox: Functionally equivalent to native Magento field type select with YesNo source model
  • Toggle: Same as "Checkbox", but with special styling
  • TimeWithMinutePrecision: Works like the Magento field type time but hides the 'seconds' selection.

Custom frontend model blocks

  • InfoBox: A customizable information section for your extension

Installation via composer

Requires PHP >=7.0 and Magento >=2.2

composer require netresearch/config-fields-m2:*


In your Magento 2 extension's etc/adminhtml/system.xml, enter the class name of one of the Types at Netresearch\ConfigFields\Model\Type.

For example:

<field id="logging"
    <button_label>Record messages to Magento logs</button_label>
    <comment>You must have global logging activated for this to work.</comment>
<field id="loglevel" 
    <label>Logging Level</label>
        <field id="logging">1</field>
    <comment>The log level Debug may result in very large log files.</comment>

Custom frontend model blocks may use additional configuration values transmitted via <attribute> nodes:

For example:

<field id="plugin-info">
    <attribute type="logo">Some_Module::images/logo.svg</attribute>
    <attribute type="body_template">Some_Module::system/config/infoBoxBody.phtml</attribute>
    <attribute type="header_template">Some_Module::system/config/infoBoxHeader.phtml</attribute>
    <attribute type="view_model">Some\Module\ViewModel\Adminhtml\System\InfoBox</attribute>
    <attribute type="background">#ffcc01</attribute>

The available attributes are documented inside the Block source code file.

Support & Issues

This extension is provided "as is", the author does not offer or promise any support. However, feel free to open a GitHub issue for any problems you encounter.