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v1.0.16 2018-09-05 17:54 UTC


Module allows you to manage available languages in page and manage translations for them.


This package is part of Netcore CMS ecosystem and is only functional in a project that has following packages installed:


Require this package with composer:

composer require netcore/module-translate

Publish config, assets, migrations. Migrate and seed:

php artisan module:publish-config Translate
php artisan module:publish Translate
php artisan module:publish-migration Translate
php artisan migrate
php artisan module:seed Translate


  • To show your translated strings in page you should use "lg" function like this
lg('group.key', 'Lorem ipsum')
  • or if you want to use replaceable attributes in translated string
lg('group.key', ['attribute' => 'value'], null, 'Lorem ipsum :attribute')
  • and if you want to use this function in blade files, just add @, for example:
@lg('group.key', 'Lorem ipsum')

Finding translations

  • This command will find all translations in project which uses "lg" function and create Excel sheet with keys and values(in available languages) in resources/seed_translations folder with the name specified in config (default: translations)
php artisan translations:find

Importing translations

  • This command will import translations located in Excel sheet to database
php artisan translations:import

More info about core package can be found in (