Basic API to handle HTTP redirects with the Flow Framework

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The Neos.RedirectHandler package for Flow allows to create redirects that will be returned to the client.

It can be used to divert changed URLs to new targets without having to adjust the webserver configuration for each redirect.


To use the redirect package, you have to install this package

composer require "neos/redirecthandler"

and additionally a storage package. A default one for storing redirects in the database can be installed using composer with

composer require "neos/redirecthandler-databasestorage"

Using this package with Neos CMS

Check out the adapter package for Neos.

Upgrading from 2.x

The hit counter has been disabled by default.

You can enable it again in your Settings:

      hitCounter: true

The default status codes for redirects has been changed from 307 to 301 as mostly permanent redirects are desired instead of temporary.

You can enable the old behavior in your Settings:

      redirect: 307


Note: When using this to handle redirects for persistent resources, you must adjust the default rewrite rules! By default, any miss for _Resources/… stops the request and returns a 404 from the webserver directly:

# Make sure that not existing resources don't execute Flow
RewriteRule ^_Resources/.* - [L]

For the redirect handler to even see the request, this has to be removed. Usually the performance impact can be neglected, since Flow is only hit for resources that once existed and to which someone still holds a link.

What to do when redirects are not triggered but other controller actions

Override the routing order like this:

              position: 'before routing'

Be careful when using this configuration, as this will make the redirect component act first before any other route is resolved and could for example prevent a login or similar.

Possible problems

  • When trying to redirect URLs with umlauts (or other special chars), be aware you might need to enter them urlencoded. But to be able to enter %C3%BC in place of ü you will need to adjust the source path validation regex to allow %.