Basic analytics for the non-invasive webmaster

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Simple tracker

Simple PHP analytics

Cherishing privacy is an ideal that contrasts the requirement to adapt to user-behavior, understand action items for marketing, and react on once audience. This is why simple tracker focuses on the absolute minimum.

  • no data-handoff to external sources
  • no identity threatening data collection

Simple tracker can answer the following questions:

  • Which pages have been visited?
  • How many times?
  • When?
  • From which link did the visit come from

Identifiers (e.g. userIds, sessions, jwt, ...) can be added to

  • identify unique visits
  • create an understanding of click-paths

What simple tracker is not

Simple tracker does not come with a UI. It is a data-collection tool storing visitor data in Filebase to establish a layer for UI development according to your needs.


composer require neoan3-apps/simple-tracker


Please refer to Filebase documentation in order to query/process data.

data format

$visits = [
        'date'       => (string) $date, // format Y-m-d H:i:s
        'endpoint'   => (string) $endpoint, // fully qualified
        'referrer'   => (string) $from, // if known, referrer (defaults to NULL)
        'identifier' => (string) $custom_identifier // however you want to track a user/session 
    ], ...


Neoan3\Apps\SimpleTracker::track(string $identifier)

Using track() should be done as early as possible (In neoan3 in your frame, without a framework in your index.php), but after potential identifiers. An identifier can be whatever you want (e.g. user-id, PHP-session) and is optional. Without an identifier each visit is captured as if an individual user made a request.


Neoan3\Apps\SimpleTracker::endpointData([string $endpoint])

If $endpoint is not set, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] will be used.


$page = '';

// return Filebase Document
$data = Neoan3\Apps\SimpleTracker::endpointData($page)->toArray();

$totalVisits = count($data['visits']);


Neoan3\Apps\SimpleTracker::identifierData(string $identifier)


$user =  Neoan3\Apps\SimpleTracker::identifierData(Neoan3\Apps\Session::user_id());

// get recent activity of current user

$recent = $user->filter('visits', date('Y-m-d H:i:s',strtotime('last monday')), function($item, $date){
            return ($item['date'] == $date ? $item : false);