A composer package for the Africa's talking mobile API's

0.2.0 2016-07-20 05:25 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-02-28 14:05:18 UTC


This is another look at the AfricasTalking API for PHP.

I wrote it to meet a personal project need and it should suffice for many other use cases.


The main difference between this code and the official wrapper is that I opted to go for guzzle instead of hard dependency on Curl.

  • Guzzle
  • PHP 5.5.0 or newer. PHP 7 is currently not tested.

Be sure to checkout Guzzle's own dependencies.


Install using composer.

composer require nandwabee/africastalking

Sending Messages

An sms can be sent out by calling the send() method.

The send method returns an array when a message is sent successfully.

Example code below ;

//Instantiate the object.

$obj = new AfricasTalking('my_username','my_key');

$response = $obj->send($to,$message,$options);

//Do something with the array


$to : array This is an array of the numbers to send the messages to.

$message : string The message to be sent.

$options : array An array of optional parameters.

The options parameter allows the following parameters;


The expected values for either of those parameters can be found on the AfricasTalking API Docs


Exception handling

Fetching User Details


This is an open source project so all ideas to help make this a better tool for other developers are highly welcome.

Try as much as possible to stick to the PSR-4 standards.

Waiting for the pull requests :-)


  • Send SMS
  • Support phone calls
  • Receive SMS messages
  • Support to Premium rate SMS services
  • Create a sample Laravel 5 package
  • Update the documentation with sample code
  • Support for USSD
  • Write tests
  • Support for airtime transactions
  • Fetch User data
  • Improve exception handling.