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  • PHP


    Basic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) extension in a clean extbase/fluid structure. Questions and Question categroies with a smart plugin structure.

  • PHP


    Add the RealURL functionality to image files. 'typo3temp/2d972d5c89b5.jpg' goes 'nice-name.jpg'! Many different fallbacks like file reference, file, content element or page settings to get the right file name.

  • PHP


    Focuspoint integrate the focal point method to crop images in the frontend of the web page. Use the jQuery-focuspoint plugin ( example to crop the images. Use the function as wizard in the file list view and directly in the content element.

  • PHP


    A package of usefully Google Services as library for other extensions or directly use: Google Sitemaps incl. different Sitemap Provider, Google Verify, Google Analytics, Google Document Viewer

  • JavaScript


    A video extension for TYPO3 built on the VideoJS HTML5 video player library. Allows you to embed video in your website using HTML5 with Flash fallback support for non-HTML5 browsers. Work on VideoJS 4.12.6 and support YouTube and Vimeo video in the same style.

  • PHP


    Connect both extenion to fetch user input (one powermail form) before the user can access the detail view.

  • HTML


    Build stable and flexible newsletter templates. Incl. also the plain text rendering for plain text e-Mails. Please contribute at

  • PHP


    Add the possibility for a easy configurable popup system for backend users and pages. Merge and modernize the old 'Popup manager' (popup_manager), 'KJ: Extended TYPO3 Links' (kj_extendedlinks), 'TypoLinkPopUp' (cc_typolinkpopup) & 'Pop-Up' (gsi_popup) Extensions and add lots of new features.

  • PHP


    Complex but easy to use tag system with extbase / fluid base and different output possibilities

  • marcwillmann/turn

    Versatile FlipBook extension

  • PHP


    Compress/minify your HTML output

  • PHP


    Search and replace strings after page generation using regular expressions.

  • PHP


    Doctor shows you how TYPO3 is doing

  • PHP


    Removes [deleted/hidden] records older than [N] days from tables