Gizzle plugins for running various tasks on repositories which contain TYPO3 extensions

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Plugins for Gizzle to perform various tasks related to the TYPO3 software family.


The following Settings.yml file shows every possible setting for every plugin in this collection with sample values.

    enabled: true
    directory: /working/directory/path/
    credentialsFile: /path/to/.typo3credentials/if/not/in/project/root
    comment: A short comment text describing the upload. Taken from Payload HEAD's message body if not configured.
    removeBuild: true
    gitCommand: `which git`
    extensionKey: optional_underscored_extensionkey

Note that the plugin supports sub-plugin settings for NamelessCoder\GizzleGitPlugins\GizzlePlugins\ClonePlugin that can be used to override any defaults that ExtensionRepositoryReleasePlugin will use. See Gizzle documentation about sub-plugins.

The extensionKey parameter is specially supported as a $_GET parameter. If specified, $_GET['extensionKey'] will overrule any extension key defined in settings. If neither $_GET nor the settings file contain an extension key, the plugin will attempt to use the repository's name as extension key. If your extension key is different from the repository name you must always provide the extension key in URL or settings.

TYPO3 Extension Repository Credentials

The ExtensionRepositoryReleasePlugin requires a special .typo3credentials file placed alongside your .secret file (in the root project folder, not inside the web/ directory) or in the location you configured in the plugin's options. The contents of this file must be username:password where the username must be your username and password of course your password, in cleartext. Since this file is sensitive information please make sure you don't commit it to Github and inadvertently leak your login. Treat it with the same or greater care and respect that you would your .secret file!