Simple to use sms sending class for the gateway.

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A very simple to use sms sending class for the gateway.


The recommended way to install is through Composer:

composer require nadar/aspsms



use Aspsms\Aspsms;

// create object class with originator option
$aspsms = new Aspsms('<YOUR_KEY>', '<YOUR_PASSWORD>', array(
    'Originator' => '<MY_SENDER_NAME>'

// set message and recipients with tracking their individual tracking numbers.
// attention: verify your tracking numbers first with $aspsms->verifyTrackingNumber(..);
$send = $aspsms->sendTextSms('<YOUR_SMS_MESSAGE>', array(

// the message was rejected by aspsms or your authentication credentials where wrong.
if (!$send) {
    echo "[ASPSMS] Error while sending text message: " . $aspsms->getSendStatus();

// aspsms takes a little time to delivery your message. You can also send the message and
// store the tracking numbers in a database, so you could retrieve the delivery status later.

// get deliver status response
$status1 = $aspsms->deliveryStatus('<TRACKING_NR1>');
$status2 = $aspsms->deliveryStatus('<TRACKING_NR2>');
$status3 = $aspsms->deliveryStatus('<TRACKING_NR3>');

var_dump($status1, $status2, $status3);


Quick guide:

  • Fork the repo.
  • Install dependencies: composer install.
  • Make changes.
  • If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug - Please add a unit test!
  • Ensure coding standards.

Unit Tests

In order to run the test suite, install the development dependencies:

composer install

Rename the phpunit.xml.dist file to phpunit.xml, then uncomment the following lines and add your const values:

    <!--<const name="USER_KEY" value="" />-->
    <!--<const name="USER_PASS" value="" />-->
    <!--<const name="SMS_NUMBER" value="" />-->
    <!--<const name="SMS_TRACKING" value="" />-->

Test your code with the following command:


Run the coding standard fixer before send a new pull request.

./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix src/

You're done. Thanks!