A local docker environment skeleton for RoadRunner

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1.9.1 2023-01-14 07:04 UTC


A local docker environment skeleton for RoadRunner, the PHP application server written in golang.

HTTP Server and PHP Workers are enabled by default.

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  • Bash
  • Docker Compose


via Git

git clone https://github.com/n1215/roadrunner-docker-skeleton.git your_app
cd your_app

./task init

via Composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist n1215/roadrunner-docker-skeleton your_app
cd your_app

./task init


Start the container

./task up

# with rebuilding image
# ./task up --build

and access http://localhost:8080

Stop the container

./task down

Login into the container

./task login

Show container log

./task logs

Execute RoadRunner commands

./task rr {command}
# ex) ./task rr help

Change RoadRunner version

1. change .env file

- RR_VERSION=2.x.y
+ RR_VERSION=2.z.w

2. run the initialization script

rebuild the RoadRunner image and update composer dependencies.

./task init


Auto reloading is enabled by default. RoadRunner detects PHP file changes and reload connected services. To turn off this feature, remove the reload section in .rr.yaml.

see: Roadrunner : Auto-Reloading

Directory structure

  • containers contains Dockerfile and the config file for RoadRunner.
  • worker.php worker's entry point file