A set of tools for help in creating models, controllers, routes, etc.

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This is a package that can aid the creation and management of your FatFree projects.


Installation is through composer. If you don't have composer, run the following command:

curl -s http://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Globally (recommended)

composer global require n0nag0n/fatfree-devtools
# or sudo if you run into permissions issues because it's configured for restricted directories
sudo composer global require n0nag0n/fatfree-devtools


composer require n0nag0n/fatfree-devtools --dev


Basic usage is provided via the bin that is installed with composer. Most of the default installations of composer will use vendor/bin/ and the root directory for bin files if you've installed this locally. Otherwise globally installations can just type fatfree. Make sure to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory in your PATH so the fatfree executable can be located by your system. As such, the remainder of this readme will only use fatfree instead of vendor/bin/fatfree


There is a web interface that can be used instead of usage through CLI. It is recommended to use the web interface for beginners. To start up the web interface run the following command.

fatfree serve admin

Then follow the instructions output in your console for where to navigate to in your browser for the devtools to display.


This is a list of commands currently being used in the devtools helper.


This will serve your project using the PHP built in webserver

fatfree serve

Clear Cache

This will clear your temp cache for you.

fatfree cache clear


Provides a simple help dialog.

fatfree help


Outputs the version

fatfree version