MySQL Workbench Schema Exporter for Doctrine 1

v3.1.2 2020-07-20 05:44 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-08-22 09:13:38 UTC


This is an exporter to convert MySQL Workbench Models (*.mwb) to Doctrine 1 YAML Schema.


  • PHP 5.4+
  • Composer to install the dependencies


php composer.phar require --dev mysql-workbench-schema-exporter/doctrine1-exporter

This will install the exporter and also require mysql-workbench-schema-exporter.

You then can invoke the CLI script using vendor/bin/mysql-workbench-schema-export.

Formatter Setup Options

Additionally to the common options of mysql-workbench-schema-exporter these options are supported:

Doctrine 1.0 YAML Schema

Setup Options

  • extendTableNameWithSchemaName

    Include schema name beside the table name.

    Default is false.

Model Comment Behavior

  • {d:externalRelations}relation{/d:externalRelations}

  • {MwbExporter:actAs}actAs: [Timestampable]{/MwbExporter:actAs}

    The following example export Doctrine behavior by using Table comment:

  • Foreign key name

    To replace relations name by the name of the foreign key, start the foreign key name with d:.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

See documentation for mysql-workbench-schema-exporter