PHP and Javascrcipt helpers for creation of Bootstrap 3 UI elements

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MUIH, for Myc-lab User Interface Helper, is a PHP and Javascript library containing helpers for creation of Bootstrap 3 UI elements.

It is aiming to provide plain php objects for html/js component and helper for Zend1, Zend2 and twig(to be implemented).


$button = new Button('Some Label', 'info');

This will echo a simple html button. Alternatively, you can use render() to get the code.

$modal = new Modal('Some Content');

$modal->setHeaderContent('Some Title');
$modal->addAttribute('id', 'some_id');


This will echo a modal #some_id element, with body having .some-class class.

echo $this->button('Show Modal')->showModal('some_id');

You can also use helper fer Zend1 and Zend2.